Innovative methodologies 

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During the year, Elasis continued working on new product/process development methodologies for Fiat Group Sectors aimed at reducing time-to-market and improving the quality of the final product.

Relating to body design, semi-automatic software tools (archetypes) were produced to enable leveraging of in-house expertise, transforming it into versatile design systems to enhance the quality of 3D mathematical models and considerably reduce development times beginning from the very initial concept phase.

The extensive use of virtual simulations enabled aspects that are normally only considered at an advanced stage of vehicle development to be tackled much earlier, such as dynamic thermofluid flows (for new cars, as well as agricultural and construction equipment), the fuel filling system (with an analysis of potential problems linked to fuel flowback or interruption of the filling process), and overtaking manoeuvres (with an analysis of the aerodynamic forces at play on vehicles in motion).

Lastly, constant attention to ergonomic workstations led to the development, in 2009, of innovative methodologies at production sites and an important “motion capturing” technique for the ergonomic analysis of manual operations on an automotive line.

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