Working at Fiat Group 

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Careers @ Fiat Group

“The future is wide open and depends on us, on all of us. It depends on what you and I and a lot of other people are doing and will do. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And what we are doing and will do depends in turn on our thoughts and our desires, on our hopes and on our fears."
Karl Popper

Fiat is an international group with a daily mission: delivering what it promises, starting with its commitment to the professional growth of its human resources. In the 190 countries in which we work, our company devotes time and energy to developing individual skills and aspirations. At Fiat, we feel it is important to leave plenty of room for individual initiative and enterprise, in order to allow each person’s talent and creativity to emerge. Furthermore, we promote training and professional development programs so that each person can do the very best in his or her role.

Being part of Fiat Group means working in a dynamic setting that embraces innovation, with an open and multicultural mentality in a professional environment that offers all personnel great opportunities for improvement in order to excel.

Today the men and women at Fiat look ahead to the future with enormous optimism. They are facing the new challenges of the global economy with passion and enthusiasm, in order to guarantee that the entire Group will enjoy solid and balanced growth in every corner of the world.

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