Technology campus in Basilicata  

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Technology campus in Basilicata  

To be built in the San Nicola industrial zone near Melfi, the campus will be attached to the Fiat-SATA plant and its activities planned and managed by Centro Ricerche Fiat.

This “Campus for Innovation in Manufacturing” is a new initiative created in partnership between Fiat Group and the Region of Basilicata for a total investment of €18.5 million. The main aim of this technology park is to support the existing plant, its suppliers and other local businesses, by accelerating the transfer of laboratory results to the production units.

“Creation of this campus at the SATA plant in Melfi provides the local area with a common access point and also represents a benchmark for research centres in other sectors”, said Sergio Merchionne, CEO of Fiat. “It represents a strong commitment to increasing the competitiveness and technological level of the industrial infrastructure in the region.” For Fiat Group, creation of the technology campus in Melfi offers the opportunity to reiterate what it considers its role to be. “It’s not only a question of making a product“, added Mr. Marchionne, “the strength of that product depends to a large degree on the solidity of the company behind it, on the commitment to innovation and research, and investment in employee training and quality of working conditions. This is the only way of guaranteeing that any product – current or future – can be competitive in the marketplace. It is also the only way of ensuring that our company and its employees have a solid base for the future.”

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