Environmental responsibility 

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Among the values that provide the foundation for Fiat’s future projects is respect for the environment. A respect interpreted in a far-reaching manner and not just limited to the ecological realm. It is realized through a more concrete attention to men and women as a whole, by embracing safety and health issues.

The Group’s commitment to the environment is realized at all levels in the life-cycle of a vehicle: from the choice of environmentally-friendly material and substances (recycled, recyclable or naturally-based); to the organization of production plants using the Fiat Auto Production System (FAPS), an integrated model that optimizes the logistics production processes; to adhering to the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) standard, a company organization programme aimed at achieving excellence and reducing costs and waste.

A great deal of planning and economic energy goes toward improving the environmentally-friendly characteristics of conventional propulsors, and in the development of alternative traction systems.

The Group is investing extensively in the development of technologies that enhance available natural resources, thanks to Magneti Marelli’s Flex technology which, in its Tetrafuel version, allows the motor to run equally well on four different types of fuel: gasoline, natural gas, ethanol and gasohol.

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