Fiat Group Purchasing 

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Fiat Group Purchasing

Fiat Group Purchasing is the Company that manages purchasing for the entire Fiat Group. It was created to ensure that common objectives are achieved consistently with the targets of the various sectors: Fiat Group Automobiles, Iveco, CNH, and FPT- Fiat Powertrain Technologies. The Company promotes synergies across the Group by integrating purchasing activities from a managerial and organizational perspective. It defines purchasing strategies for common commodities, creating and reinforcing a global partnership with suppliers, for whom stability and an opportunity for development will be ensured.
Fiat Group Purchasing manages an international pool of suppliers numbering more than 10.000 firms, and a total purchasing volume of over 35 billion euros.

The Organization

The Fiat Group Purchasing organization is made up of three areas: Commodities , Sectors and Responsibilities .
Commodities defines common purchasing strategies and guidelines. For each macro purchasing area, it will present suppliers with a common interlocutor.
Sectors manages product development, pursues quality goals and contributes to achieving the financial objectives of the various Group companies.
In order to reach set objectives and ensure the efficient functioning of the organization, Fiat Group Purchasing relies on four Functions : Information Technology, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, and Finance.

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